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Construction Details

Greenroof-Roofscape® Systems

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Drawing Number Description
Complete Set All details Listed Below in One File
GR-01 (Former GRBF01) Typical Insulated Base Flashing
GR-05 (Former GRD01) Typical Greenroof Drain Profile
GR-10 (Former GREC01) Typical Low Profile Parapet Wall Flashing
GR-15 (Former GREJ01) Typical Expansion Joint
GR-20 (Former GREJ02) Retro-fit Expansion Joint
GR-25 (Former GRPC01) Protected Perimeter Flashing
GR-30 (Former GRS01) Typical Low Profile Assembly
GR-31 Typical High Profile Assembly
GR-32 Typical Planter Box with Ram 306 Flashing
GR-35 (Former GRSF01) Heavy Duty Strip Flashing
GR-40 (Former GRVP01) Vent Pipe Flashing Without Inspection Chamber
GR-45 Vent Pipe Penetration with Inspection Chamber
RT250-37 Expansion Joint at Wall with Concrete Wear Surface
RT250-38A Expansion Joint at Wall with Paver
RT-01 Roof Terrace Berming


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