Introducing the all-new Barrett System Resource Library!

The Barrett Company has partnered with Concora, a building software company, to create the “Barrett System Resource Library” — an efficient, new tool for building digital project submittals that caters to architects, contractors, engineers, and builders alike.

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In collaboration with Concora, the new Barrett System Resource Library creates an online experience that makes it easy for architects and designers to specify products directly from the Barrett website.

Product Library

The root of the new resource hub is the Product Library. This comprehensive library allows users direct access to a full, categorized digital product library with all important technical details, product documentation, and resources directly included.

PICTURED: Barrett System Resource Library – Product Information Page

Complete Submittal Builder

With those resources, users can build out comprehensive, project-specific submittal packages using the new Complete Submittal Builder.

The Complete Submittal Builder allows users to build out comprehensive, project-specific submittal packages with product information, technical resources, and documentation relevant to that specific project. Users can also create an account in order to log in later to modify an existing project or create a new submittal package.

Complete Submittal Builder | Step-by-Step Guide

Embracing Digital Transformation

According to 97 percent of industry leaders, digital transformation — the use of technology to improve business results — will have an impact on the future of manufacturing.

Digital transformation has the potential to disrupt every aspect of a business. It is an excellent match for building product manufacturing, with opportunities to increase efficiency, productivity, and customer retention. The implementation of this new tech-based resource is a strategy that reflects both the evolution of the company and its vision for the future.

Speaking about how their core product, Concora Spec, and services will impact Barrett, Concora’s CEO Eric Snyder said, ”We are helping Barrett bridge the product specification gap by creating an online experience that makes it easy for architects and designers to specify products directly from their website. We’re also equipping them with all the tools and resources necessary to keep their customers coming back.”

Concora is a customer-centric company with customer satisfaction at the epicenter of its mission. Both Concora and Barrett operate on similar business principles with cutting-edge technology and thoughtful solutions that meet the needs of the Architecture & Design Community.

With their goals aligned, both companies have the same expectations—to offer exceptional service to its clients.

About Concora

Building product manufacturers choose Concora Spec to build a branded product library and drive more product specifications by making the online specification process easy for architects, engineers, contractors, and designers.

About The Barrett Company

The Barrett Company has been a national leader in evolving bitumen modification technology and the design of high-performance waterproofing, built-up roofing systems, and vegetated roofs. With nearly a century of experience providing top quality roofing & waterproofing systems for leading architects, engineers, and builders of modern structures, we can say with confidence that no finer materials of this character are obtainable than those bearing the Barrett label.

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