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About Barrett

The Barrett Company was started in 1928 by Noah Barrett, an out of work blacksmith, and his son Emmett, who together began a business as roofing contractors. As relatives of Col. Samual Barrett, the patent holder of built-up roofing, Noah and Emmett enjoyed success and steady growth in the built-up roofing contracting business.

Today, five generations later, the Barrett Company not only continues it growth in the contracting business but has also become a national leader in evolving bitumen modification technology and design of high performance waterproofing, built-up roofing systems and vegetated roofs.


Barrett's understanding and acquired knowledge of roofing basics and material engineering concepts, from asphalt polymerization to felt condensing techniques; from workable flashing techniques to CAD detailing, is applied to each and every project by a Registered Roof Consultant or a corporate principle. Service with expertise is the hallmark of every Barrett warranted project.

Plus Experience

With over eighty-five years of diverse roofing and waterproofing applications, countless material and roof analyses, born and developed from both practical "hands-on" experience and theoretical laboratory pursuits - Barrett has developed a realm of experience, particularly in the waterproofing and reroofing fields, that is unique and unequaled by other manufacturers.

Equals Value

Every designer and specifier has the right to expect excellence with service and excellence in product and systems knowledge from their suppliers. Every building owner has the right to expect a leak-free watertight roof that will stay that way beyond the warranty period. Almost all roofing material manufacturers advertise and profess to offer the "best" or "ultimate" systems and to meet every need of every customer.
Roofing performance promises are easy to make, hard to deliver.

Barrett Delivers!

No project is too small to be unimportant. No detail is insignificant in delivery of our product. No compromise of installation shall be acceptable without the concurrence of the Building Owner and the Architect. We guarantee it!
Our service is our uniqueness, our reputation is proof.


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