Black Pearl® Sheet Membrane

Asphalt-Coated Polyester Double-Sided Peelable Sheet Membrane

Black Pearl® Sheet Membrane is a 55 mil woven polyester fabric that has been coated with the Black Pearl® rubberized formula. On either side of the fabric is a peelable polyethylene release liner, which allows for easy staging for any application. The compatibility between the two components is 100 percent, with the Black Pearl® Primer Adhesive acting as a catalyst on the sheets and chemically fusing the system elements together (including flashings) into a thick, semi-monolithic waterproof membrane.

Black Pearl® Primer Adhesive

Cold Rubberized Asphalt Roofing & Waterproofing Membrane

Black Pearl® Primer Adhesive utilizes a core formula of select, unoxidized asphalt cement base, butyl rubber, SIS, SBS, and neoprene rubber fillers, plasticizers and curing agents. Black Pearl® Primer Adhesive also contains an aliphatic solvent that is within acceptable OSHA& EPA current regulations. Designed as a cold-applied alternative to the hot rubberized asphalt RamTough 250, the Black Pearl® Primer Adhesive acts as a catalyst on the Black Pearl® Sheet Membrane, chemically fusing the system elements together into a thick, semi-monolithic waterproof membrane.

Ram Cold Tar® Plus

SBS Modified Asphaltic Roof Restoration & Repair Coating

Ram Cold Tar® Plus roofing-grade ply adhesive & waterproofing coating is a coal tar pitch fortified, thermoplastic SEBS polymerized surfacing compound that is specially formulated to adhere to asphalt, modified bitumen, gravel surfaced, and coal tar roofing systems. Using the existing bituminous roof mat as a substrate, Ram Cold Tar® Plus fuses a new, high-strength, fluid-applied rubbery membrane to the mass of the old roof mat, creating a new, double thick, elastomeric waterproof membrane.

HyppoCoat GC

Single Component Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane

HyppoCoat GC (Green Concrete) is a user-friendly, high solids, single component, liquid applied membrane for cured or green concrete. The system uses two coats of a modified urethane coating and protection board to create an elastomeric system designed to expand and contract with normal structural movements. HyppoCoat GC is easy to use and can be applied immediately after green concrete forms have been removed, providing a quick return-to-service window during application. It also acts as an aggressive barrier against harsh chemicals, abrasive wear, and heavy impact.

RamProof GC

Single Component Fluid Applied Elastomeric Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane

RamProof GC (Green Concrete) is comprised of an industry changing asphaltic-rubber formulation that combines the elastic properties of modified rubber with the weatherproofing and waterproofing characteristics of emulsified asphalt. The resulting asphaltic-rubber membrane provides a complete, high-performance waterproofing membrane that is VOC-free, environmentally friendly, rapidly installed, and delivers a complete solution for the entire scope of waterproofing.

Ram Quick Flash PMMA Membrane

Two-Component Liquid Applied PMMA Membrane

Ram Quick Flash PMMA Membrane is a two-part quick-curing, UV-stable Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) membrane. Due to its UV-stability, Ram Quick Flash PMMA System is designed to be used both as an exposed roof coating, as well as a waterproof/roofing flashing material prior to installation of RamTough 250 and/or Black Pearl® systems.