The Ultimate & Complete Single System Warranty

Barrett Partnerships

In an effort to provide a complete single source system warranty for labor and materials, Barrett has partnered with manufactures of both insulations and pavers to ensure our customers, building owners, and design community get the ultimate system and product of choice without the added cost and markup.


Below are all of the partners with products/systems that can be chosen as part of our complete system warranty.

Pavers Partners

Barrett Guarantee

Unlike other manufactures, Barrett believes that it is our responsibility to focus on what we do best. That is to provide the most superior waterproofing products on the market. The assembly begins with choosing the correct Barrett system for the job and applications.

The warranty includes:


  • Watertightness membranes 

  • Thermal retention of the insulation 

  • Performance, style and quality of the paver

  • Ad quality labor and installation

Insulation Partners

Our Joint agreements with these suppliers allows us to offer our complete single source warranty to our clients, with the flexibility for them to choose the products of their choice without having to be held to just one product offering. All these products and manufacturers are of the highest standards and quality. They all have been test and proven to be warrantied as part of the Barrett System. This single source warranty puts the liability on us, allowing our clients to rest easy knowing they chose Barrett Roofs as their system.

For specific info on our warranties or special overburden products, please contact Barrett directly.