System Submittal Packages

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System Warranties

The following steps are required to qualify for a waterproofing, roofing or roof restoration warranty.

Before the project...

  • Contractor should be approved prior to bidding a project requiring a Barrett warranty.
  • Approved contractor submits a completed Barrett “Project Award Statement/Request for Warranty” form before the project begins and copies of the project specifications and drawings are to be submitted at the same time.
  • Barrett will review the package and specifications for compliance with Barrett requirements. The contractor will be notified of any discrepancies which should be resolved prior to starting the project. A Barrett technical representative will be available to help in these matters.

During the project...

  • Barrett will perform application inspections as they determine necessary. Inspections required out of the ordinary are subject to service charges. If the project specifications require a specified number of manufacturer inspections, the contractor should notify Barrett prior to bidding to determine costs.

After the project...

"Completion of Work Statement" (PDF)

  • When the project installation is complete, the contractor submits a Barrett “Completion of Work Statement” form. Barrett will, as necessary, perform a final project inspection. If discrepancies in the installation are detected, the contractor will be provided a “punchlist” of what is required to bring the project into compliance. Once deficiencies are corrected, contractor shall notify Barrett in writing. Re-inspections are subject to a re-inspection fee.
  • When the project installation has been approved by Barrett and all warranty documentation has been completed, Barrett will issue the contractor an invoice for the applicable warranty and service charges.
  • Upon receipt of all outstanding invoices due, two copies of the unsigned warranty will be sent to the contractor for transmittal to the owner for their signature.
  • Contractor or building owner returns both signed copies to Barrett for final signature and execution. Barrett then returns one (1) executed warranty back to Contractor unless otherwise directed to send it to the owner.

Please keep this procedure where it can be easily referred to when needed.  If these procedures are followed, warranties will be received on a timely basis.


NOTE: All Barrett warranties are nullified if the contractor is not paid in full.