Hot Rubberized Asphalt Roofing & Waterproofing Membrane

A thermoplastic material, RamTough 250 Bitumen is a 100% solid polymer modified rubberized bitumen which forms a completely monolithic, waterproof barrier without seams or joints. Ram Tough 250 is designed to be installed in new and restoration applications such as plaza deck waterproofing systems, protected membrane roofs (IRMA®)*, GreenRoof Roofscapes®, Vertical waterproofing applications, parking decks, bridges, water treatment plants, and between slab waterproofing membrane systems.

RamTough KLB-100

Hot Applied SEBS Modified Asphalt Elastomeric BUR System

RamTough KLB-100 roof assemblies offer the elastomeric properties of single ply with the time proven redundancy & abuse resistance of Built-Up Roofing technology. RamTough’s elastomeric mopping bitumen combines Kraton® SEBS rubber polymer with a select grade of unoxidized asphalt, creating a thermoplastic elastomeric mopping material with excellent self-healing properties, toughness, fatigue resistance, and cold temperature flexibility. Commonly known as the “bullet-proof roof,” a four-ply system is the toughest roof available and can literally stop a 22-caliber speeding bullet.