Ram Primer & Surface Conditioner

General Utility Asphaltic Primer & Surface Conditioner

Ram Primer & Surface Conditioner is a general utility asphaltic prime coat for both porous and non-porous surfaces in the application of RamTough 250 and/or RamTough KLB-100. It can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed and is typically used on concrete, gypsum, brick, masonry, metal, and aged asphalt.

Ram Mastic

Premium Rubberized Asphalt Roof Cement

Ram Mastic is trowel grade, single component, Kraton® SBS rubber modified asphalt which forms a highly elastomeric sealant material. Ram Mastic has superior elongation properties, remains pliable at cold temperatures and has excellent weathering properties. It is recommended on any applications where a high quality cold applied, elastomeric material is required. Used for detailing, seam seal and repair of asphaltic material. Ram Mastic is designed to be used with RamTough 250, RamTough KLB-100, and Black Pearl® on T-joints, overlaps in detail areas, and as a repair mastic.

Ram Ultra-White® Primer

Water-Based Acrylic Primer

Ram Ultra-White® Primer is a clear, water based acrylic primer formulated to provide excellent adhesion properties to various surfaces. Ram Ultra-White® Primer is specifically design to be used as a primer coat for Barrett Ultra-White® acrylic coating for increased adhesive bonding to bituminous roof membranes, metal, concrete block, concrete, brick and stucco surfaces.

Ram Ultra-White® Coating

Energy-Star® Rated Elastomeric Acrylic Roof Coating

Ram Ultra-White Coating is a co-polymer elastomeric water-based emulsion that provides excellent UV protection, weatherability, elasticity, and substantial reduction of roof surface temperatures and thermal stresses, significantly increasing indoor comfort and saving cooling costs. Its brilliant white color offers excellent reflectivity, earning it an Energy Star® rating and LEEDS credits. Ram Ultra-White® has proven itself as an excellent surfacing for both new and weathered built-up and modified bitumen roof systems.

Ram Ultra-Silver® Coating

Energy-Star® Rated Rubberized Aluminum Roof Coating

Ram Ultra-Silver® is made of the highest quality SBS polymer-modified asphalt, premium aluminum pigment and refined solvents. In addition to providing excellent UV protection, elasticity, and weatherability, aluminum flakes found in the pigment come to the surface when applied, providing a highly reflective metallic shield that significantly reduces surface temperatures and thermal movement. Ram Ultra-Silver has proven itself as an excellent surfacing for both new and weathered asphalt built-up and modified bitumen roof systems.

Liquid Flash 100 (100% Solids)

High-Performance Single Component Joint Sealant

Liquid Flash 100 (100% Solids) is a high-performance interior/exterior joint sealant for use in both moving and non-moving joint applications. Liquid Flash 100 provides a long-lasting weathertight seal to a variety of building substrates.

KeeneSeal 100

Single-Component Multi-Purpose Elastomeric Sealant

KeeneSeal 100 is a one component, fast grab, multipurpose silyl-terminated polyether (hybrid) elastomeric sealant. When fully cured, this unique VOC compliant formula offers spectacular stress-free adhesion to PVC, concrete, masonry, painted surfaces, USB, plywood, metal, and other common substrates. This product is specifically formulated to offer all-weather performance to meet today’s green building standards.