Acrylic Roof Coating

Ram Ultra-White Coating is a co-polymer elastomeric water-based emulsion. Its brilliant white color offers excellent reflectivity, earning it an Energy Star® rating and LEEDS credits. It provides superior UV protection, mildew resistance, color stability, weatherability, and flexibility. Ram Ultra-White® not only helps provide protection from the elements, it provides substantial reduction of roof surface temperatures and thermal stresses, significantly increasing indoor comfort and saving cooling costs. Its ability to flex and move offers the elastic qualities necessary to accommodate the movement found in most polymer modified roof membrane systems.

This combination of materials has proven itself as a excellent surfacing for both new and weathered built-up and modified bitumen roof systems. Ram Ultra-White® meets national and local V.O.C. requirements and regulations. Consult the Barrett Company for specific installation recommendations.



• Provides a highly reflective weathering surface for new or existing built-up or modified bitumen roofing membrane systems.

• Ideal for resurfacing smooth and granulated built-up and modified bitumen roofing systems

• Resurfacing corrugated metal roof systems

• Can also be used on metal and masonry surfaces



• High reflective surface is certified with an Energy Star® rating and earns LEEDS credit

• Forms a durable, weather resistant protective coating

• Compatible with smooth and granulated roof membranes

• Reflects UV rays harmful to membrane materials

• Prevents rust from forming on metal roof surfaces

• Extends roof life by reducing the effects of heat aging, expansion and contraction cycles, and thermal shock

• Asbestos-Free product

• Easy application

• Reflective surface reduces a buildings summertime interior temperature, reducing energy costs

• Slows deterioration of membranes caused by normal environmental conditions

• Environmentally friendly system

• Cost effective roof restoration process

• Energy savings and increased roof longevity assures quicker “payback”

• Energy Star® Cool Roofing qualifies for utility company rebates or low cost loans in some areas



Ram Ultra-White coverage rate will vary depending on the surface to be coated. The total coverage should be 2-3 gallons per 100 sq. ft., applied in a 2 coat process (1-1.5 gallons per 100 sq.ft. per coat). Total thickness to be achieved is 20 to 24 mils. Allow the first coat of Ultra-White to dry for 12 hours before application of the second coat. Install second coat perpendicular to the first.



5 Gallon Pails

55 Gallon Drums

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets