Single Component Bitumen Modified Green Concrete Waterproofing Membrane

HyppoCoat GC (Green Concrete) is a user-friendly, high solids, single component, liquid applied membrane for cured or green concrete. The system uses two coats of a modified urethane coating and protection board to create an elastomeric system designed to expand and contract with normal structural movements. HyppoCoat GC is easy to use and can be applied immediately after green concrete forms have been removed, providing a quick return-to-service window during application. It also acts as an aggressive barrier against harsh chemicals, abrasive wear, and heavy impact.



• Green Concrete

• Warehouses

• Masonry

• Storage Areas

• Plaza Decks

• Foundation Walls

• Bathrooms/Restrooms

• Parking Decks



• Single Component

• High Solids

• Quick Return-to-Service

• Low VOCs

• Expands and Contracts

• Easy to Use

• Apply Upon Forms Removal

• Labor Saving



215 mils = 7.5 Sq Ft/Gal

120 mils = 13 Sq Ft/Gal

90 mils = 18 Sq Ft/Gal

60 mils = 25 Sq Ft/Gal

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets