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Greenroof - Roofscapes®

The roof is a forgotten element on most buildings. It need not be. Designed and built as a purposeful element, roofs can be very environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and economically justified.

On a large scale, greenroofs reduce "greenhouse gas emissions," have a positive impact on humidity, air quality and reducing heat in the structure and the surrounding neighborhoods, the so-called urban "heat island" effect.

In conjuction with other green installations, greenroofs can play a role in altering the climate and even the weather of a city as a whole.In addition to changing carbon dioxide to oxygen greenroofs also remove heavy metal particulate materials from rainwater and dramatically reduce stormwater runoff which can decrease the need to expand or rebuild related stormwater infrastructure.

Greenroofs reduce exterior noise pollution, by as much as 40 to 50 decibels. Tax credits for greenroofs are available in an increasing number of jurisdictions including New York, Chicago, Washington, Maryland, Portland and Seattle. The many environmental and economic benefits of greenroofs more than justify their cost.

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  Product Data Sheets (PDF)

Waterproofing Bitumens
ram-Tough 250 Bitumen
Black Pearl Primer Adhesive

Poly-Felt 125 (Polyester reinforcing)
Poly-Felt 265VP (Polyester Ply Felt)
Black Pearl Waterproofing Membrane

Protection Courses
ram 201 (1.1mm protection)
ram 203 (2.2mm protection)
ram 200 (3.0mm protection)
ram 306 (4.0mm protection)
ram 309 FR

Root Barriers
ram RB 20 (20mil low density

ram RB 30 (30mil high density

ram RB 40 (40mil high density

ram RB 25 Root Barrier Seam Tape

ram 327 HDR (Neoprene flashing)
ram 306 (Granulated Cap Sheets)

Drainage Boards, Retention Mats & Aeration Products
ram Drain 36R
Ram Drain 1241 and 2451
Ram Drain 1241RS and 2451RS Drainage and Moisture Retention Mats w/Root Inhibitor
ram retention 2500
Moisture Retention Mat 620
ram Drain/Aeration 630
ram Aeration Mat 600

ram Primer, Coatings and Mastics
ram Primer / Surfacer Conditioner
ram ARC
ram Mastic
ram Ultra White Primer
ram Ultra White Coating

Roof Release Agent
Asphalt Cleaner
ram Caulk

Greenroof-Roofscapes® Metal Accessories
GR Metal Edgings (Aluminum and
Stainless Steel Curbs)

Drain Access Boxes (Aluminum and
Stainless Steel with Covers)

Greenroof Growing Media and

Approved Suppliers
(reference Barrett when contacting these

Growing Media -
  rooflite (Skyland USA)
  Stancills, Inc.
Vegetation -
  Emory Knoll Farms
Modular -
  LiveRoof Global, LLC

Filter Fabrics
Poly•Felt 3.5 Filter Fabric

Erosion Control Mat
Coco Erosion Control Blanket
Erosion Control Mat Anchors

Accessory information from Barrett and outside vendors is available upon request. Listed below are some of the accessories available:

  • Ram-Tough 400 PS/Flashing
  • Root Stabilization Mat
  • Concrete Curbing
  • XPS Insulation
  • Boardwalk Panels
  • Moisture Retention Mat
  • Pavers and Pedestals

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