When it comes to green roofs, Barrett is a name you can count on.

Combining our 90+ years of roofing & waterproofing expertise with retained Horticultural technology, Barrett has partnered with the most prominent suppliers of pavers, vegetation, growing media, and more to offer building owners a top-to-bottom solution for their ideal green roof.

Proven Performance

Barrett Company works with our Approved Contractors to provide two time-proven waterproofing systems that form the basis for moisture protection in our Greenroof assemblies, Ram Tough 250 and Black Pearl Waterproofing. Each system utilizes a reinforced fluid-applied rubberized asphalt membrane.

Custom Solutions

Because we are not tied to only one approach of vegetative system, building owners and specifiers can choose among the options that will best suit their individual needs and budget.

Single Source Warranties

We offer complete assemblies with up to a 25-year single source labor and materials warranty, covering waterproofing, thermal performance, overburden removal, concrete paver warranty and renewable vegetation warranties.

GreenRoof Roofscapes®

The Green Roof–Roofscape® turns unused roof space into a park-like garden setting with a keen sensitivity to environmental enhancement. The Green Roof-Roofscape® is designed around a system of interdependent components which function as a natural planting habitat, creating new types of public and private spaces.

Featured Green Roof System Products

Image 1

Ram Tough 250

Hot Applied Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane

Image 2

Black Pearl® Sheet Membrane

55 Mil Woven Polyester-Reinforced Sheet Waterproofing Membrane


Ram RB 20

20 Mil Polymeric Root Barrier


Ram RB 30

30 Mil Polymeric Root Barrier

Image 9

Ram Tough 250

Image 10

Ram Tough 250


Ram QuikFlash® PMMA Membrane

Two-Part Polymethyl Methacrylate Membrane


PolyFelt 125 VP

Lightweight Spunlaid Non-Woven Polyester Reinforcement Fabric


PolyFelt 3.5

Two-Part Polymethyl Methacrylate Membrane

Image 11

KeeneSeal 100

Single component Multi-Purpose Silyl-Terminated Polyether Hybrid Elastomeric Sealant

Image 12

RamDrain 1241

1/2” Prefabricated Perforated Composite Drainage & Retention Mat

Image 13

RamDrain 1241

1/2” Prefabricated Perforated Composite Drainage & Retention Mat

Featured Green Roof Projects


Willis Tower

Chicago, IL

Job Size: 87,391 sq ft
Building Owner: Blackstone Group
Roofing Contractor: Kedmont
Product System: RAM Tough 250DM Waterproofing System


Millennium Park

Chicago, IL

Job Size: 1,067,220 sq ft
Architects: McDonough Associates
Contractor: Kedmont Waterproofing Company, Inc
Product System: RAM Tough 250DM Waterproofing System


Fenimore Art Museum

Cooperstown, NY

Job Size: 38,100 sq ft
Architects: Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Assoc.
Contractor: Driscoll Masonry Company
Consultant: James R. Gainfort, AIA
Product System: RAM Tough 250DM Waterproofing System


MLK Jr. Memorial Library

Washington, D.C.

Job Size: 78,000 sq. ft.
Architect: OTJ Architects, Mecanoo
Contractor: HRGM Corporation
Product System: RAM Tough 250DM Waterproofing System, Barrett EcoLine

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