BARRETT | EcoCline® Green Roofs

Exceptional Lightweight Stormwater Retention 

EcoCline® Green Roof is a vegetative roof covering unlike any other. Developed by renowned greenroof landscaper Furbish, Co. and marketed in conjunction with the Barrett Company waterproofing systems, the EcoCline® profile options offer highly efficient stormwater management and guaranteed plant performance in lightweight configurations.


Other EcoCline® attributes include high-recycled content, low carbon footprint, profile flexibility to meet stormwater and other design criteria. Combined with Barrett Ram Tough time-proven waterproofing, the single source warrantied system elevates vegetated roofs to new levels.


The Barrett / EcoCline® assemblies are offered with up to a 25-year single source labor and material warranty, covering waterproofing, thermal performance, overburden removal, a 10 year concrete paver warranty and a renewable 5 year vegetation warranty.

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EcoCline® Components

EcoCline® was developed to utilize high-performance components in smart combinations that utilize the least amount of embodied energy feasible.


The bottom layer of EcoCline® is a water retention and drainage layer of high-density horticultural mineral wool that retains 94% of its volume in stormwater. This material is comprised of over 60% waste stream slag.


The top layer of EcoCline® – the aggregate media – is commonly comprised of waste stream brick and granite quarry spoils with waste stream organic components, a composition that closely resembles the native habitat of Sedums and other green roof plants. Further, these aggregate materials are locally abundant in most places in the US, without the need for kiln-firing or long distance trucking.

EcoCline® Vegetation

There are two true measures of greenroof success. Firstly, how much water retention does it offer and secondly, what the system looks like 5 and 10 years after planting. EcoCline’s proven water retention and reserve is empirically unsurpassed. EcoCline’s picture storybook of “Theirs” and “Ours” tells a story of unmitigated success with healthy vegetation abundance.


EcoCline’s assembly provides reliable plant survivability. Plants will typically be established via a variety of methods including sedum plugs, or plugs of species native to the area, and supplemented heavily with sedum cuttings.


Initial plant establishment guarantees are included with each EcoCline® system, with service generally provided by Furbish, who has some of the most extensive green roof establishment and maintenance experience in the US. This allows an unmatched guarantee of early, reliable and long-term vegetative success.