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Single Source Warrantied Systems Backed By 9 Decades of Proven Performance

Barrett Company works with our Approved Contractors to provide two time-proven waterproofing systems that form the basis for moisture protection in our Greenroof assemblies, Ram Tough 250 and Black Pearl Waterproofing. Each system utilizes a reinforced fluid-applied rubberized asphalt membrane.

Barrett's established expert horticultural partners provide the Owner with many advantages:

  • Expertise – Our partners are specialists in their field. Their knowledge and experience enables them to offer advice on
    the design options and horticultural materials to accomplish
    the goals and challenges specific to each project.
  • Choice – Because we are not tied to only one approach of vegetative system, building owners and specifiers can choose among the best options that will best suit their individual needs and budget.
  • Economy – The ability to choose among many design options and materials spurs competition, lowering costs and increasing creativity.
  • Single Source Warranties – All our Approved partners have evolved from trusted relationships. We offer complete assemblies with up to a 25-year single source labor and materials warranty, covering waterproofing, thermal performance, overburden removal, concrete paver warranty and renewable vegetation warranties.