Cold Applied Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing System

  • Black Pearl® Adhesive

  • Black Pearl® Sheet Membrane

Black Pearl® Waterproofing System is composed of two primary products:


  • Black Pearl® Adhesive

  • Black Pearl® Sheet Membrane


These components are based upon the same core formula of select, unoxidized asphalt cement base, butyl rubber, styrene isoprene styrene (SIS), neoprene rubber, styrene-butadiene-styrene rubber (SBS), fillers, plasticizers and curing agents. The Black Pearl® Adhesive also has an aliphatic solvent that is within acceptable OSHA and EPA current regulations.


Black Pearl® Sheet Membrane is a 55 mil woven polyester fabric providing extra tensile strength and stability. This fabric is impregnated and coated with the Black Pearl® rubberized formula. The compatibility between the two components is 100 percent, with the Black Pearl® Adhesive acting as a catalyst on the sheets and chemically fusing the system elements together (including flashings) into a thick, semi-monolithic waterproof membrane.


Black Pearl® Waterproofing System has the unique ability to be applied to green and damp concrete. It is also compatible with asphaltic products, enabling the restoration of projects that were originally asphaltic based and ties to hot rubberized asphalt. It can be applied at temperatures as low as 0ºF.



  • New and restoration applications

  • Plaza deck waterproofing systems

  • Protected membrane roofs (IRMA®)*

  • Green Roof Roofscapes®

  • Vertical waterproofing applications

  • Parking decks, bridges, water treatment plants

  • Between slab waterproofing membrane systems



  • BP Membrane: 39.5″x66′ = 217 sq ft

  • BP Primer Adhesive: 1 pail / 225 sq ft (approx)

    • **Coverage may vary depending on substrate



  • BP Primer Adhesive

    • 5-gallon pails (4.75 gallons per pail)

    • 42 lbs per pail

    • 36 pails per pallet

  • BP Membrane

    • 39.5”x66’

    • 53 lbs per roll

    • 20 rolls per pallet