CP 80 Cold Process Adhesive is a high strength SBS Polymer modified cold process adhesive formulated for used in coating metal roofing and the construction of “Cold Process” built-up roof membrane systems. This unique formulation offers excellent adhesion and elongation properties and is an alternative solution when a hot applied membrane system is not practical. CP 80 Cold Process Adhesive is compatible with several Barrett fiberglass and polyester reinforcement options and is fully waterproof after cure. This material is “Asbestos Free” and can be brush, roller, squeegee or spray applied.



• Consistent premium quality

• Increase adhesion of asphaltic materials to substrates

• Elastomeric properties allows movement with substrate

• Compatible with hot and cold applied asphalt systems

• Total Quality assurance

• Enhances the adhesion of the finished application

• Easy to apply

• Complies with all State and Federal VOC requirements



• Adhesive for Barrett Cold Process built-up roofing utilizing Ram 40 ply sheets.

• Cold Process repairs for modified asphalt membrane systems

• Cold process repairs for conventional asphalt built-up roofs

• Granular surfaced cap sheet adhesive.



  • Horizontal Applications = 1 to 2 gal./100 sq.ft

  • Irregular or porous surfaces may require additional material.

Application Temperature Range = 40°F to 100°F

Cure Time (summer conditions) = 24 to 48 hours (approx.)



5 gallon pails

45 lbs/pail

42 pails/pallet