Two-Component Solvenated Epoxy-Polyamine Primer



HyppoCoat PC is a two component, solvenated, epoxy-polyamine liquid-applied primer with unique penetrating characteristics. This primer is recommended for metal flashings and other medium to heavy duty traffic areas in outdoor applications.


Two versions of this primer can be used:


     • HyppoCoat PC (100 VOCs)

     • HyppoCoat PC+ (250 VOCs)


Please use the correct product grade that complies with VOC regulations as per federal, state, county and city regulations/codes at the place of installation of product.



• Concrete

• Glass-Reinforced Plastics

• Elastomeric Polyurethane

• Metal

• Plywood

• Masonry



• Excellent Adhesion

• Low Viscosity

• Seals Concrete

• Pedestrian & Vehicular

Traffic Applications

• For use in SCAQMD areas, use only our HyppoCoat PC+



4 ± 1 mil = 300 Sq Ft/Gal



2 Gallon Kit

Part A = 1 Gal Pail

Part B = 1 Gal Pail

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets