Heavy Duty Reinforcement Fabric

PolyFelt 265 is a heavy duty spunbond polyester/fiberglass reinforcement fabric

PolyFelt 265VP reinforcement is specifically engineered for premium high performance waterproofing and roofing. A spunbond polyester reinforcement fabric manufactured as a continuous filament sheet with longitudinal fiberglass strand reinforcement placed approximately 3/8 inch apart. The manufacturing process provides very high puncture and tear-resistant fabric properties with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.


Most polyester reinforcements use low melting-point binders. PolyFelt 265VP is bonded with a heat resistant, cross-linked acrylic binder, providing excellent thermal stability, making it uniquely suited for use with hot asphalt applications. A condensing process during manufacture provides optimum fiber distribution and mat thickness which enhances bitumen “bleed-through” saturation from both top and bottom directions during application. These characteristics create a monolithic waterproof membrane, with all levels of bitumen connected with and through the fibrous reinforcement, forming a tough, homogeneous, multi-ply, redundant waterproofing assembly.



PolyFelt 265VP can be installed as a ply sheet for both elastomeric built-up roofing with RamTough KLB-100, as well as enhanced built-up roofing with CP-80. Additionally, the fabric can be installed as a backer sheet for composite base flashing systems, as well as for repair work on bituminous roofing systems.



1,076 sq ft/roll



  • 39.37″ x 328′

  • Roll Weight 52 lbs.

  • 9 rolls per pallet

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets