Polyester/Fiberglass Composite Membrane Reinforcement

Ram 40 is a trilaminate polyester and fiberglass reinforcement sheet designed for use in both cold and hot applied built-up membrane assemblies. Ram 40 is heavily saturated and coated with a weathering grade asphalt for added thickness and protection. This heavy duty reinforced composite sheet provides high tensile and puncture resistance while remaining flexible enough to conform to minor irregular roof deck surfaces.



• High tensile strength

• High puncture and tear resistance

• Improved conformance to irregular surfaces

• Use with hot or cold process applications

• Easy installation reduces application time

• Superior durability

• Cost effective proven performance

• Approved as UL G-2 Base Sheet



• Base and ply sheet for hot or cold applied built-up roofing

• Reinforcement in hot or cold applied waterproofing systems

• Component in built-up composite flashing assemblies

• Recommended with Barrett’s KLB-100 hot applied asphalt roofing bitumens

• Recommended with Barrett’s Ram Cold Tar Plus®, CP-80, and Black Pearl® cold applied roofing bitumens



200 sq. ft.



Roll Size – 36 inches x 72 ft. (200 sq.ft. coverage)

Nominal Roll Weight – 72 lbs. per roll

25 rolls per pallet

Pallet Weight – 1800 lbs. (approx.)

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets