Dimpled Composite Drain

RamDrain Dimple Drain (DD) 025 is a high-performance drainage sheet engineered to relieve hydrostatic pressure by creating a channel for liquid water.

RamDrain DD 025 is a two-layer system. The first layer is constructed of high strength, cuspate (dimpled) polymeric sheet designed to provide superior compressive strength. Adhered to the high strength, a cuspated polymer base is a nonwoven filter fabric. The filter fabric is designed to promote high water flow while not allowing dirt and silt to penetrate the drainage channel.



RamDrain DD 025 is designed to be installed with RamShield 60 mil or for general drainage purposes in backfill and retaining wall applications.



200 sq. ft.



  • 48″x50′

  • Roll Weight 40 lbs.

  • 10 rolls per pallet


Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets