Dimpled Composite Drain

RamDrain Dimple Drain (DD) 025 HS is a high-performance drainage sheet engineered to relieve hydrostatic pressure by creating a channel for liquid water.

RamDrain DD 025 HS is a two-layer extremely high compression strength system. The first layer is constructed of high strength, cuspate (dimpled) polymetric sheet designed to provide superior compressive strength. Adhered to the high strength, a cuspated polymer base is a nonwoven filter fabric. The non-woven spun-bonded filter fabric is designed to promote high water flow while not allowing dirt and silt to penetrate the drainage channel.



  • Plaza decks

  • Green roofs

  • Under-slab drainage

  • Foundations

  • Commercial planters



200 sq. ft.



  • 48″x50′

  • Roll Weight 44 lbs.

  • 10 rolls per pallet