New Construction

Cold Liquid Applied

Enhanced urethanes can only be applied on green or damp concrete. These membranes are applied by roller, squeegee, spray, and trowel. They can be applied at thickness greater the 60 mil Fluid applied membranes should meet ASTM 836.

SBS Modified Bitumen

Cold built up systems are combination of adhesive membrane and a similar material in a sheet membrane.  Sheet adheres to the adhesive/membrane to form a uniform system.  You can add additional layers as required.

Hot Fluid Applied

HRA can only be applied to concrete that has been cured for 7 to 28 days. These membranes are applied by roller or squeegee. Material is melted at 400 F in a double-jacket kettle and poured onto the deck. Applied with primer in two lifts fabric reinforced. 1st lift 90 mils, 2nd lift 125 mils. Fluid applied membranes should meet CANGSB 37-50. Cures immediately.



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