When it comes to trafficable systems, Barrett is a name you can count on.


Barrett's liquid-applied trafficable deck coatings offer superior performance, protection, durability, and longevity. These specialty coating systems include both 1-component and 2-component waterproofing membranes, 1-component and 2-component aggregated wear coats, specialty colored aggregate and color flake finish systems, and an aggregated epoxy wear coat system based upon Sika’s experience in the bridge deck and overpass resurfacing. In addition to providing a watertight membrane, our systems also offer a fast & easy solution for situations where the contractor’s access to the area maybe restricted (i.e. communal walkway, stairwell, balcony/pool decks, etc.)


We offer solutions for a variety of trafficable deck coating applications, including pedestrian, vehicular, under-tile, specialty, and more. These systems are engineered to work on horizontal and vertical applications for above- and below-grade projects. When it comes to moisture protection, Barrett is your permanent solution.

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  • Trust.

    Barrett has over 40 years of rubberized asphalt waterproofing experience on many of our nation's monumental structures, computer data centers, museums, and mission-critical structures, proving on-going performance with zero failures. Experienced in system development, manufacture, and application, our expertise is born from 5 generations and 90+ years of roofing and waterproofing success.

  • Our Promise to You.

    With a national network of trained Approved Contractors, over a thousand distributors, and complete design and specification assistance available from our technical staff, Barrett can make your life easier while keeping your project on schedule and watertight for decades to come. 


Barrett roofing and waterproofing warrantied applications must be installed by Barrett Approved Contractors. Each fully approved contractor is experienced, financially stable, and carefully selected at the time of approval. We are proud to have over 300 fully equipped Barrett Approved Contractors across the US.


Over $50 million has been invested in the technology, research, and development of our various product lines. Each polymer-modified bitumen production run is individually certified to be in conformance with specifications prior to shipping. Barrett's expert technical staff is available to work with designers and specifiers during project development and construction to assure proper design and installation. Many of our systems are UL® and FM® Approved.


The Barrett Company offers long-term warranties of up to 30 years for labor and materials. Terms vary depending on the product and application. If you are interested in discussing the terms of a warranty for a roofing or waterproofing application, please reach out to our technical staff or email us at info@barrettroofs.com


Barrett makes the environment a priority in the engineering, manufacturing, and recycling of its roofing products. Our RAM-Tough 250 system is made using recycled tires & plastics, and the asphalt/polyester reinforcing membrane can be recycled into high-quality asphalt concrete highway mix. Energy Star® Certified roof surfaces are offered for most systems, which can contribute to LEED® credits. Greenroof-Roofscapes® offer many environmental contributions well beyond any other roof type.