Hot Rubberized Asphalt Waterproof Membrane

RamTough 250 is a hot applied rubberized asphalt membrane which forms a completely monolithic, waterproof system without seams or joints.

A thermoplastic material, RamTough 250 Bitumen is a 100% solid polymer-modified rubberized bitumen which
forms a completely monolithic, waterproof barrier without seams or joints.


  • Ram Tough 250 is designed to be installed in new and restoration applications such as plaza deck waterproofing systems, protected membrane roofs (IRMA®)*, Green Roof Roofscapes®, Vertical waterproofing applications, parking decks, bridges, water treatment plants and between slab waterproofing membrane systems.


  • 90 mils = 0.565 lbs per sq ft

  • 125 mils = 0.785 lbs per sq ft

  • 215 mis = 1.35 lbs per sq ft


  • 30 lbs/carton

  • 75 cartons per pallet

  • 2,250 lbs/pallet