Sunset over the Lincoln Memorial

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Lincoln Memorial Project Profile



Location: Washington, D.C
CitiRoof Corp
9510 Berger Road
Columbia, MD 21046


Location: Washington, D.C.
Job Size: 13,570
DJB Contracting
8411 Old Marlboro Pike # 24, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772



A 92-year-old monument surrounded in priceless marble which took 50 years to build presented a unique challenge – and no room for error – for the company tasked with the first skylight and roof replacement project of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., in 1995.


CitiRoof Corp has a reputation for taking on very difficult projects that require delicate design and thorough engineering. The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most recognizable mausoleums in the world, the skylights on the roof have never been rebuilt in history, and on top of that, the monument had to remain open during construction. This unique challenge required the architects and contractors to find unique and reliable products to complete the project. 


The RamTough 250 was an ideal system for CitiRoof Corp to use. The monument was reroofed with the RamTough250 DM PMR plaza roof with slate pavers. This product was chosen over alternative roofing systems not only because of its proven track record, but because the system could be installed very quickly at the end of the day after all other procedures were completed. This allowed the company to leave the memorial completely watertight at the end of each day without the need or cost of temporary roofing. 


RamTough is a hot-applied rubber membrane that seals difficult flashing conditions and remains flexible for its lifetime. It exhibits excellent adhesion characteristics to almost any sound horizontal or vertical surface. Water will not get under or through it.


NRCA Gold Circle Award emblem winner

CitiRoof’s incomparable thinking and Barrett’s uniquely engineered components created a high-performing roofing system fit for a president. It was chosen as the NRCA Gold Circle Award winner. 

RamTough 250’s product performance led to its use again in 2018 for the second reroofing of the Lincoln Monument. Some damage to the Memorial’s marble blocks came from normal aging and exposure and some were caused by the earthquake that hit on Aug. 23, 2011. A sound roof is one of the most important ways to protect and preserve a historic building, and the new roofs will be constructed with five layers to keep the interior dry and watertight. This project was completed by DJB Contracting. 


Time after time, Barrett’s products are recommended and used for exclusive projects where high-quality counts. 


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