Belle Square is a dynamic complex integrating four main components: residential, office, retail and parking in the center.


The building, designed by The Kubala Washatko Architects, responds to complex site and program challenges, including requirements for drive-thru banking, retail parking demands, constrained vehicle ingress/egress, and phased construction of project components. A vibrant community unto itself, Belle Square draws pedestrians to its street-level green spaces, which include a pocket park.




The development’s overarching design philosophy is sustainability with paramount importance placed on environmental responsibility and the efficient use of resources.


A perfect example of this comes from the building’s unique Rooftop Terrace. With sections connected by footbridges, this multipurpose green roof includes furnished patios, grilling stations, a fire pit, a bocce ball court, raised garden beds for tenant use, and large cisterns that collect and store rainwater for irrigation.


For a green roof design built around sustainability & efficiency, there was a need for a waterproofing system that could deliver the same. With a proven track record, RamTough 250 was the ideal solution.


A thermoplastic material, RamTough 250 Bitumen is a 100% solid polymer-modified rubberized bitumen which forms a completely monolithic, waterproof barrier without seams or joints.


Thanks to the fine team of contractors at Wisconsin-based Zander Solutions, Barrett’s hot rubberized asphalt system was installed over all 6,788 sq/ft of the rooftop terrace.



Belle Square’s scale, architecture, and locally sourced building materials blend seamlessly with the historic character of the surrounding structures.