The Foreman’s Guide to Proper Propane Melter Safety

Before operating a rubberized asphalt melter, it is the obligation of everyone involved in its operation to know, understand, and follow all recommended safety procedures, local ordinances, and codes.

As with all safety programs, written directions and codification must be combined with individuals exercising common sense with a high awareness of safety issues. This is applicable to all personnel on a work site, not just the supervisor or safety officer.

With that in mind, the Foreman offers the following common-sense actions that are recommended for the safe operation of propane fueled rubberized asphalt melters.


With the interest of our customers in mind, Barrett offers the information contained in this bulletin, only as an overview of basic procedures involved in the operation of a propane fueled rubberized asphalt melter and should not be considered complete. Barrett accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury related to the use of this type of equipment. It is the obligation all individuals managing and operating this equipment to be fully informed of all regulations and safety procedures applicable to the specific equipment being used. Consult the equipment manufacturers detailed and current recommended operating instructions and safety procedures.

Still have questions?

Do you still have questions regarding the proper preparation and/or use of propane melters, applying hot rubberized asphalt, or anything related? If so, the following resources may be of value.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

(202) 634-7943

(202) 523-8017

The Barrett Company

(800) 647-0100

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NOTE: All product literature (i.e. technical & safety data sheets, specifications, application instructions, etc.) is currently available to download from the “Resource Library” on our website. 

**All data/information used in this blog courtesy of “Construction Waterproofing Handbook | Second Edition” by Michael T. Kubal

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