Black Pearl® | Beyond “Weatherproofing”

Unlike “weatherproofing”, a true waterproofing membrane will maintain its watertight integrity and prevent the passage of liquid under dynamic, static, continuous, or intermittent hydrostatic pressure.

Black Pearl® is a true waterproofing membrane.

Tenaciously adhered Black Pearl waterproofing also prevents the passage of liquid water between the membrane and concrete substrates, even under 250 pounds per square inch of hydrostatic pressure. Black Pearl also resists deterioration from common identified chemical exposure and resists root penetration.

Offered with long term warranties assuring it will perform its waterproofing function, Black Pearl is backed by the first name in American commercial moisture protection, The Barrett Company.

What sets Black Pearl® apart?

Superior Strength and Flexibility

Unlike similar waterproofing membranes reinforced with glass fabric, Black Pearl® Membranes are made with FSC Textbond® spunbond polyester that is reinforced with integral longitudinal fiberglass strands set 3/8” apart in the machine direction. This synergistic combination provides polyester’s well-known elastic elongation, puncture and tear resistance with the tensile strength and stability of fiberglass. The rubberized asphaltic matrix is the same unique waterproofing material as Black Pearl® Primer + Adhesive for 100% compatibility and high performance.

Superior Performance, Longevity and Durability

Unlike similar waterproofing adhesives that only use one or two rubber polymer modifiers with oxidized asphalt, Black Pearl® Primer + Adhesive uses three rubber modifiers; butyl, neoprene, and SBS with unoxidized asphalt. Each component imparts a desirable property. This unique and superior combination provides aggressive full adhesion to the substrate and chemically fuses with Black Pearl® Membranes to form a thick, semi-monolithic waterproof membrane delivering superior performance and durability. The extra mass also provides improved damage resistance during construction, an environment well known for abusive exposure.

Security through Superior Engineering and Redundancy

Unlike similar waterproofing assemblies, Black Pearl® was not “value-engineered” to provide the least expensive “adequate waterproofing”; it was engineered to provide a qualified substitute for hot-melt rubberized asphalt and to be the best it could be. The multiple layers of Black Pearl® waterproofing provide the back-up redundancy not provided by single ply systems while retaining all of the elastomeric benefits offered by single ply systems. Extra thick detailing at all flashings provides extra mass and strength where most problems occur.

Fast, Easy Application with Increased Productivity

The Black Pearl® system has been engineered to provide bona fide elastomeric waterproofing that can be installed as low as 0°F as a cold process, unheated application. The waterproofing can be completed quickly, with high quality results, in a wider range of circumstances than other options. Black Pearl® eliminates the need for propane, open flames or heating and allows a building to be closed-in quickly so interior work can proceed.

Eliminates Concrete Curing Delays

Mindful of the inconvenience and cost of weather and curing delays, Black Pearl® Systems have been engineered to be installed on fresh “green” concrete, eliminating typical 28-day curing periods and the expense of curing agents. Black Pearl® Systems do not require cants, swales, or crickets further reducing costs and making application easier.


Most Black Pearl® applications are over concrete substrates, however, exterior grade plywood, blindside lagging, sheet piling, cement board and even asphalt protection boards are also acceptable substrates with some waterproofing designs. Consultation and peer reviews are encouraged and welcomed.

Black Pearl® systems are compatible with extruded and expanded foam boards, PVC, EPDM, drain mats, asphaltic materials and coal tar pitch. Unlike similar systems that require winter grade, summer grade and spring/fall grade, Black Pearl® is an all-season material that can be installed anytime between 0°F and 100°F, eliminating stocking and out-of-date problems.

Black Pearl® System Warranties

Vegetative EcoCline® & Greenroof Roofscapes® Systems

Available with complete single-source system warranties that are the most comprehensive available.

Plaza Systems

Plaza Systems are available with single-source system warranties including membrane, membrane flashings, insulation, expansion joints, concrete pavers and pedestals.

Protected Membrane Roofs

Available with single-source warranties including membrane, membrane flashings, expansion joints, insulation and ballast.

Waterproofing Applications

Barrett Waterproofing applications are available with similar single-source warranties including drainage, insulation, root barrier and resistance to preapproved, identified chemicals.

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    The product “Black Pearl” looks quite effective for the roofing solutions, but it has a challenging application process that can only be done by professionals. I want to know the surface materials that go well with this product as I am searching for a smooth, reliable and durable waterproof sealant for one of my store houses.

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