Ram Cold Tar® Plus | Time Saver. Money Saver. Energy Saver. Roof Saver.


Bituminous roofs and flashings oxidize and dry out as they age, becoming increasingly brittle until they inevitably split open from natural contraction and expansion cycles. These and other forces cause roofs to become increasingly susceptible to moisture entry as they age.

Once moisture enters the system, the roof insulation quickly deteriorates to a point where the roofing and insulation must be completely removed before the roof can be replaced. With timely intervention, it is possible to avoid the necessity of costly and disruptive roof removal. 


Ram Cold Tar® Plus can extend the service life of an existing roof for many years and reduce the life-cycle cost of the original roof while reducing energy usage. Using the existing bituminous roof as a substrate, Ram Cold Tar® Plus fuses a new high-strength fluid-applied rubbery membrane to the mass of the old roof mat, creating a new double-thick elastomeric waterproof membrane. 

Current IRS tax regulations require new roofs to be depreciated over a 39-year period. Roof repairs can be written off in the same year the expense is incurred. Ram Cold Tar® Plus can be a great tax advantage to consider and it may also be eligible for Energy Star® conservation rebates and incentives. While classified as a “repair,” the end result is a new, fully detailed, watertight roofing system that is guaranteed to perform. 



  • Roof preparation begins with removal of loose gravel, first, and dust
  • All metal edges and flashings are reinforced or, if necessary, replaced.
  • Blisters, ridges, open laps, and similar defects are repaired.
  • Spot removal and replacement of wet insulation is covered with replacement plies.
  • Ram ColdTar® Plus is squeegee-applied over roof surface and cures to a mass of highly elastomeric rubber, tenaciously fused to the old roof membrane.
  • After the Ram Cold Tar® Plus cures for 90 days, an Energy Star® reflective coating can be applied. Additionally, the old gravel can be recycled and/or new shingles can be set into the fresh, uncured Ram Cold Tar® Plus.

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