“Reintroducing Barrett Roofs” (Feat. Saverio Minucci, CEO)

The Barrett Company, a manufacturer of innovative roofing products for over 80 years, is proud to announce its new ownership, the Minucci Group and Keene Family Holdings. These entities represent the industry leaders Saverio Minucci and Jim Keene. “My goal in partnering with Jim Keene reinforces the idea of developing an already well-established business and…

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Ram Cold Tar® Plus | Time Saver. Money Saver. Energy Saver. Roof Saver.

Bituminous roofs and flashings oxidize and dry out as they age, becoming increasingly brittle until they inevitably split open from natural contraction and expansion cycles. These and other forces cause roofs to become increasingly susceptible to moisture entry as they age.

Once moisture enters the system, the roof insulation quickly deteriorates to a point where the roofing and insulation must be completely removed before the roof can be replaced. With timely intervention, it is possible to avoid the necessity of costly and disruptive roof removal.

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