“Reintroducing Barrett Roofs” (Feat. Saverio Minucci, CEO)

The Barrett Company, a manufacturer of innovative roofing products for over 80 years, is proud to announce its new ownership, the Minucci Group and Keene Family Holdings. These entities represent the industry leaders Saverio Minucci and Jim Keene.

“My goal in partnering with Jim Keene reinforces the idea of developing an already well-established business and to personally be an integral part as it succeeds. With an outstanding existing product line and new ideas, we’re excited to take the company in a new direction.”

Saverio Minucci, CEO of Barrett Roofs

About Saverio Minucci

Saverio’s role as a catalyst in the building materials industry began with a degree in construction technology from Ohio State. He took over Sandell Manufacturing and became CEO/President in 1993, building it up from a small, failing company with a poor reputation to a national leader in the masonry flashing industry. Over the next twenty years Saverio acquired a number of entities to increase his product offering and channel strength. The addition of a plastics manufacturing company and Diedrich Technologies (a manufacturer of masonry and restoration cleaners) made Sandell Manufacturing a leading supplier of masonry construction products.

In 2011 with three manufacturing facilities, Saverio sold Sandell to Mitek, a division of Berkshire Hathaway. Mitek then merged it with Hohmann & Barnard (HB) to become North America’s largest masonry accessories suppler. Sal became the North American Vice President of Sales, overseeing this company’s growth for the next eight years.

When the opportunity to acquire The Barrett Company arose, Saverio chose to partner with Jim Keene, a long-time friend and business associate. Their shared goal is to continue building and supporting the growth of this well-established business with a successful project list like few in the roofing industry.

About The Barrett Company

Since its inception in 1928 the Barrett Company has had hands-on experts with professional products and systems in the high-performance roofing and engineered waterproofing markets. Every Barrett Roof product is made proudly in America, including built-up roofing systems and most recently green roof systems. The Barrett Company is also innovating bitumen modified, cold and hot  and high-performance waterproofing.


EMAIL: sm@barrettroofs.com

PHONE: (518) 365-2634

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