The Foreman’s Guide: 11 Popular Cold Process Options for Re-Roofing & Surface Restoration Applications

Understanding the Cold Process

Cold Process Systems consist of multiple plies of reinforcement sheets that are set in a cold adhesive (solvent based or water based).

These systems are often referred to as cold process BUR systems because the application procedures are similar to hot applied BUR systems. The most common reinforcement felts are manufactured from fiberglass or polyester, which is either stitch bound or spun bound.

One of the primary advantages of cold process roof systems is their relative ease of application. Very little equipment is required, and most applications can be completed by just three or four workers. The systems can be completed as new or remedial construction or can be applied over existing smooth-surfaced roof systems in an effort to extend the service life of an existing roof system.

Barrett’s Cold Process Solutions

While Barrett has multiple cold applied systems available, our primary systems for cold process BUR & roof restorations are built around the following products:

Pictured (from back to front): Ram 40 Trilaminate Polyester/Fiberglass Reinforcement Fabric; Ram Cold Tar® Plus Coal Tar Fortified Asphalt; Ram 306 Granular Cap Sheet (White)

Ram Cold Tar® Plus is a coal tar fortified roofing-grade ply adhesive and waterproofing coating. Ram CP-80 is a SBS polymer modified asphalt-based roofing grade ply adhesive and coating. Used as a ply adhesive, Ram Cold Tar® Plus assures total adhesion of the membrane reinforcement plies, providing the completed membrane assembly with superior strength and durability.

Ram 40 ply sheet is a trilaminate of polyester and fiberglass. This combination is one of the strongest membrane reinforcement products available for roofing installations.

Polymer modified and coal tar fortified, a surface coat of Ram Cold Tar® Plus not only offers a superior flexible weathering surface, but the resistance to ponding water, a well know characteristic of coal tar. Both Ram CP-80 and Ram Cold Tar® Plus membrane roofing systems have been designed for when cold application and optimum performance are required.

Common Cold Process Applications

Generally, the application procedures vary based on the needs & specifications of the project in question.

However, these are some of the most common applications available with Barrett’s Cold Process systems:

NOTE: All product literature (i.e. technical & safety data sheets, specifications, application instructions, etc.) is currently available to download from the “Resource Library” on our website. 

For questions regarding detailed specifications, application information, or any other general inquiries, please reach out to your local Barrett Technical Representative.

You can also call us directly at (800) 647-0100 or email us at

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